A Body Divided : A Prayer in The Midst of Exclusion

God of the broken, lost, and lonely.
when I came to you in pieces,
you held me back together.
When my mind was hazy and unclear,
you walked with me through the fog.
When no one was around,
you were there for me.

In a world that can be cold and distant,
I found refuge with Your body; Your church.
I trusted them, loved them, and cared for them
just like you had done for me.
Which is why it hurts when they bear their fangs at me.

Your people have always taught me to be cautious of the world.
A beautiful rose with many thorns.
In spite of what I was taught,
persecution came from the one place I never expected it to,
Your church.

Your body consists of many parts.
The eye can not say to the ear,
“I do not need you”
but somewhere along the way I became vestigial.
An inflamed appendix to be cut out;
a ticking time bomb to be defused.

You tell me to love my enemies
but I was never prepared to love a church that rejects me.

I come to you in this moment.
weak, confused, tired, and scared.
I need your support and guidance once again,
for I am broken, lost, and lonely.
Give me strength to love my enemies,
but give me patience to love my family.


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