I used to think of labels like a bad rash.
They itched
They scratched
They rubbed me the wrong way
and so I cut them off my clothing without delay.

They were uncomfortable to wear
and changed the way others looked at me.
Only the most popular brands were acceptable
but I could only wear what I was given.

Ashamed, I sewed in counterfeit tags the other kids wore
trying to hide what makes me different.
but all I was doing was trading in one irritation for another.

you can not acclimatise to something that is not your own and you can not win when it comes to labels.
But we can not escape them.

From the very start,
Adam named all the cattle, fowl, and beasts,
because as humans we are built to label and define.
But more then that we were built to discover.
There will always be new things to explore,
new things to dissect ,
and naming is one of the tools of a finite mind.
Taking the limitless and making it more manageable.

if I really must choose labels to bear,
I will adorn my attire with labels of my own choosing.
Ones I feel comfortable to explain who I am to the fullest of my ability.
I will no longer bear the weight of the labels you force on me
Instead I will wear these hand-me-down clothes with pride
because I will not feel shame for dressing myself in a label that generations before me fought to be recognised as legitimate.

I am tired of calling myself something that I am not.
and if one word gets in the way of you trying to understand me,
then it makes me wonder if you ever really care about me in the first place.



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